Get on board Cornwall!

You won’t want – or be able – to miss our double-decker when it rolls into four towns across four days in January.

Hop on board to warm yourself with a cup of gourmet coffee and share your hospitality hack in our video booth. We’ll also be offering mini workshops that’ll give you the opportunity to learn more about digital marketing and social media.

Roadshow dates

  • 21 January – St. Ives, Stennack Car Park ‘Tiny car park’
  • 22 January – Falmouth, Moor Piazza
  • 23 January – Newquay, Headland Hotel
  • 24 January – Padstow, Railway Car Park

Our workshops

Build an authentic Instagram for your business

Peanut Chutney’s Max Maharajh will teach you some of the tactics and strategies gleaned from working at Facebook, LadBible and CandyKittens which saw him listed as one of Grocery’s Top Ten Influencers by The Caterer in 2018.

Sold out 

How to get your business noticed in the press

Finding it hard to come up with new creative angles and strategies to get your business noticed in the press? Conde Nast contributing editor Sally Shalam will be bringing her expertise on what makes a good angle for a story.

Tickets still available:

Creating relevant, remarkable and rewarding experiences for customers

Whether it’s an email offer that arrives in time for their partner’s birthday or the content a customer sees in their homepage, CAB Studios CEO Al Allaway knows how to create truly rewarding customer experiences.

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SEO Trends of 2019 – Get your business match fit for search

Online marketing agency leader Rob Edlin hosts a workshop designed to help you get ready to tackle 2019’s search by making sure your business is relevant and reachable when people are shopping for their next trip online.

Tickets still available:

Hospitality tech – What the UK’s top hospitality businesses are getting out of tech

The Internet of Things. Automation. AI. Unlock the true meaning of these terms and trends for hospitality firms with this workshop on what the UK’s most forward-thinking hotels are doing to save money and delight customers.

Tickets still available: