That’s a great question. A “hospitality hack” is a change, large or small, that you’ve made in your business to improve its efficiency, competitiveness or productivity. It could be something as simple as taking orders from queuing customers before the kitchen opens, to making your assets work harder for you by opening your accommodation on new weekends through new holiday packages.

Hospitality Hacks is free to enter, and we’ve designed it to be super simple. Simply submit a video, a text or an image and describe the impact your hack has had. Ready to enter now? You can do so here

Midnight on 31 January 2019.

On 11 February we’ll announce which hacks, individuals and businesses have made the shortlist of finalists. These will then be sent to our judging panel to decide who will be crowned winners at our final event on 26 February.

Our judges will award a score between 1 and 10 against the criteria below, so make sure you bear the following in mind when you’re producing your hack and when describing it in your submission:

1. How creative or unique is your hack? Clearly your hack must have a business benefit...but we’re suckers for a little flair.

2. Ask yourself these... How easy was it to implement your hack? Was it appropriate to make this change in your size of business? Were staff and/or customers more or less engaged? How did you communicate this to others at work? You get the idea!

3. Did your hack tangibly improve things in the business? What was its impact? We don’t need hard figures - but if you have them share them - just help our judges understand the value of the hack to the business.

4. How easy it is for others to learn from and implement your hack? We’re looking for things that can be easily adopted or interpreted by others - our judges will seriously consider this aspect!

You just need to let us know your name, your business name, job title and email address.

We’ll then ask you to produce a password so you can revisit your account to enter additional hacks.

On the entry page, we’ll need to know what kind of hack you’re entering (video, image or text-based), the category it fits into and then a brief description of it in action.

This is completely up to you. As long as you can explain what your hospitality hack is and the impact it’s had, we’ll let you decide what is a good length.

Again, we’ve made this as easy as possible. You can submit a video, an image or simply a text description. Videos should be in MP4 format, but don’t worry as that’s the format your smartphone will produce them in.

Definitely! We want people from every level of the business sharing their hospitality hacks. It’s a great way for your boss to recognise all the hard work you put in, and the more that employees enter, the more impressive and innovative your company will look.

There is no limit on the amount of times you can enter. This awards is all about sharing and learning from others so really unleash your creative juices!

If you don’t see yourself as a budding Hollywood producer or video doesn’t work to get the point across, then upload a picture of your design, format or hack in action, or provide a nice text-based description – all hacks are considered equally by our judges.

We’d love to visit every town in Cornwall, but it’s a big place! Our stops will be: St. Ives (21 January), Falmouth (22 January), Newquay (23 January) and Padstow (24 January).

This isn’t about revealing your family’s secret gravy recipe or detailing valuable marketing techniques. And we definitely don’t want you to do anything illegal by sharing secrets that employers would rather you didn’t. We just want you to think of the special, small things you do that make a difference. Think of it as a great way of visiting every hospitality business in Cornwall and seeing things you want to try, but without ever having to get in the car.

If you are 16 or over and work in a hospitality business in Cornwall then you are eligible to enter.

Hospitality Hacks recognises entries from in-house service providers, full-time, part-time, seasonal and freelance employees working in the hospitality industry, eg restaurants, hotels, pubs, guest houses, leisure, tour operators and short stay rental accommodation.

Hospitality Hacks is completely free to enter.

Yes. Hospitality Hacks Awards is all about businesses learning from each other, so we’ll be showcasing all hacks on the website. We’ll also be turning them into a book after we’ve awarded our winners.

If you’d really like to remove a hack, then please get in contact with us through cornwall@bethebusiness.com