Categories, prizes and our fabulous judges!

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Awards categories

1. Best marketing & promotions hack

Hacks that make the marketing, sales and promotion side of your business cheaper, faster and more efficient. Example hacks include the entrant using technology to better target the customer or creating a new customer offer or partnership.

2. Best people motivation hack

Simply put, this is a human resources category. It’s about how you engage and communicate with, and engage your colleagues. Relevant hacks here could range from a new system of training to interesting perks and methodologies of keeping staff motivated on the job.

3. Best operations hack

This category is dedicated to back office methodologies, property and physical systems. We are looking to find new processes and systems in place that make hospitality businesses run faster and cost effectively. Suitable hacks include a new way of storing guests’ luggage, a more energy efficient system or even a methodology for figuring out which hotels in your area have capacity.

4. Best kitchen & catering hack

This category is specific to food related hacks within hospitality businesses. Entrants will work in a kitchen or catering environment and have found hacks, which range from implementing a new system of passing orders from front of house to the kitchen to creating a seasonal kitchen to lower the cost of produce. The goal of this category is to uncover practices, which make the business of food both cost and time efficient.

5. Best customer service hack

This is awarded to practices, which directly impact the business’ relationship with the customer. These can range from putting in place better tracking to understand the customer condition to implementing a business practice, which saves customers time. The goal of this section is to uncover the practices, which make customers happier and spend more within the business.

6. Best digital hack

This category is dedicated to digital and technological innovations in hospitality businesses. If you’ve put iPads in the rooms for guests to order breakfast so that it’s ready when they get downstairs or you’re using an app and smart lights to cut costs, then this is the category for you.

Best of the best

Our judges will select the hacks that stand out most from the categories above.

7. Most popular hack

Each hack sits on a URL, which will allow us to track the views per page. The hack, which receives the most views during the campaign will win this award. Get your hack shared across social media and email to increase your views and you could win this award.

8. Most creative hack (execution)

Awarded to the video submission with the most entertainment value as selected by the judges and Be the Business.

9. Most innovative hack

This category is dedicated to great ideas that make a big difference. Have you come up with a service that stops guests getting wet when travelling from the car park to the reception when it rains? Or figured out an interesting way to transport staff to your remote establishment? We want your best, brightest and most interesting innovations!

10. Highest impact hack

This will be awarded to the hack which generated the most financial return for the business.

11. Overall winner

The judges and Be the Business will select the simplest and most cost effective hack to implement as the overall winner.


Winners will be announced at our awards event at Nancarrow Farms on 26 February 2019. You’ll take your place alongside our other hack heroes and have the chance to mingle with other inspiring hospitality businesses and learn from industry leaders.

Alongside a nice shiny trophy and industry recognition (and bragging rights if that’s your thing), the winning individuals and businesses will be included in our ‘Little book of hospitality hacks’ to be launched in the first half of 2019. And as if all that wasn’t enough, if you win one of our ‘best of the best’  categories, you’ll also be featured on a TV show to be aired on the Cornwall Channel (Sky 189) in the first half of 2019!

Our overall winner will receive 4 hours free of free consultancy from Nadia Pendleton. Nadia’s coaching and consulting draws on experience managing VIP events and private dining for Gordon Ramsay Holdings to help develop productive hospitality businesses. Starting with the productive host and experience matrix audit, Nadia will help you develop stronger, more productive teams who will work together to deliver the dream to customers.

So come on Cornwall – get involved. Share your hacks by text, image or video to be in with the chance to win a prestigious award, take your seat at the Awards ceremony, and help drive Cornwall forward as the best place to start up, work in,  or grow a hospitality business.

Enter now

Meet the judges

To help select and award the winners we’ve lined up a trio of hospitality leaders:

Debrah DhuggaManaging director, Dukes Collection
Fellow of the Institute of hospitality, member of the Institute of Directors, and voted into the top 100 business women in the hospitality industry. Deborah is also a trustee of One and All, where she was tapped as a keynote speaker at the House of Lords representing the Hospitality industry.

Simon TownsendHead of operations, Longleat Safari Park & Cheddar Gorge
Leisure and tourism industry specialist with 27 years experience. Simon has chaired the Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions, and previously held the position of general manager at Camel Creek Leisure Park, Wadebridge, Cornwall.

Martin HespEditor-at-large, Western Morning News
With over 40 years experience in journalism and a specialism in food and drink, Martin Hesp brings his knowledge of what’s trending in hospitality and sense of what makes a business stand out and grab the attention and imagination of the public through the media to the judging table.